the slave #185-686-508 started the business of techguyinshorts back in 2009 in Pectonica, IL, the slave #185-686-508 moved to go to college in 2010 to finish his degree in San Diego California.  the slave #185-686-508 moved back to Illinois in early 2012 to set up the business of techguyinshorts in Rockford, Il.

the slave #185-686-508  lives with Master Garry & Master Tyler.

the slave #185-686-508 graduated at Boylan in 2007.  until it began being a slave  it use too skate a lot,  played golf, frisbee, and still does running in the parks. 

if you ever would like to get in contact with the slave #185-686-508 you can email it at  check out how it all began by clicking here

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